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Natural Gas Freestanding Fireplace Home Design Ideas

Ventless gas fireplaces release the natural air vapors right back into the home, which raises the humidity. This can cause condensation on windows or doors. The higher humidity can create problems with wooden pieces, such as floors or doorways.

A note about fuel: Ventless fireplaces are powered by either natural gas (NG) or propane (LG), and while you can shop for models that display either the NG or LG designation, virtually any gas

Natural gas fireplaces give you the elegance and charm of the traditional fireplace without having to worry about firewood. No more buying or chopping wood, keeping it safely stored, or messy chimney cleanup. Our line of natural gas fireplaces represent some of the best names in the industry, including Napoleon, FMI, and more.

This 30 in. Vent Free Natural Gas Log This 30 in. Vent Free Natural Gas Log Set operates with the chimney flue closed safely keeping 100 percent of the heat produced by the unit in your home. It has the most realistic natural fire and highly detailed hand-painted logs.

Shop Menards for a huge selection of vent free and direct vent gas fireplaces and accessories from the best brands available on line or in store.

With a vent free fireplace insert, every ounce of fuel is burned, heating your home. These are great additions to any home. If you don't have a masonry fireplace to put the insert into, there are also mantel cabinets specifically designed for ventless fireplace inserts that fit right along any wall!